Studio Policies

Why Dance?

  • Dance education inspires good work habits and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Studies show that a structured dance program enhances academic achievement.
  • At every age and ability, dancing is exciting and joyful.
  • Balance and coordination
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Self expression
  • Respect for others
  • Determination and commitment

The Dance Experience at the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School

All of us at the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School consider your participation in our classes to be a reflection of our studio's solid reputation for quality. Not simply in the way we train our students to dance, but on how we influence them as people. It is our goal to develop a genuine respect for dance as an art form in each of our students.

With the right focus, the experience can be an excellent motivator of self-confidence. If the dancer feels good about their performance and understands that they are better each time, then they are truly growing. Coming to class and doing the best they can is what it's all about.

At the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School, we instill an appreciation for other dancers and their studios. We are not out to compare ourselves to anyone: we are out to motivate our kids and faculty by exposing them to a highest caliber of talent available. Only then are we going to produce the best dancers and teachers possible.

Our students, whether recreational or serious, learn curriculum from the American Academy of Ballet, Dance Teacher's Council of America (Ballet, Tap, Jazz), Dance Master's of America (Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Tumbling, Children's work and Boys dance, Lyrical and Contemporary) and the Dance Teacher's Club of Boston ( Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Ballroom).

Our teacher's are highly qualified, our music is age appropriate, our costumes are reasonably priced and tasteful and our low family tuition can't be beat by any school in the Merrimack Valley.

We have been in business for 7 years and have students from 2yrs to 62 yrs and every age between. We pride ourselves on providing a fun, safe performing arts experience for all students! Spread the word to the people you know about the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School-if they register, you will receive $5 off your next month's tuition.

Dance Handbook for the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School

Congratulations, you and your child have chosen to be a member of Center for Performing Arts. As a member of the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School you will have the opportunity to participate in area performances and at our annual recital.

Being a team player is an important part of dance. We have prepared this special handbook to help you better understand your commitment.


  • I will arrive 10 minutes early to class.
  • I will wear the proper dance attire or be prepared to sit out of class
  • I will wear my hair pulled back neatly and securely off my face.
  • I will use the restroom before, between or after class.
  • I will serve as a proper role model to the younger dancers at all times, using language and behavior which is appropriate.
  • I will respect my parents and teachers at all times before, during and after dance class.
  • I will not talk in class while my instructor is giving instructions.
  • I will be polite to all students, staff and instructors at all times.
  • I will wear the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School clothing to all special performances.
  • I will arrive at performances with all accessories, props and designated shoes and with costumes stitched and ready .
  • I will wear the hairstyle requested by my choreographer.
  • I will read each monthly newsletter and be responsible for all up-coming dates and special events.
  • I will bring my dance supplies and water only into the studio rooms.
  • All students will keep their dance area clean and keep track of their costumes, accessories and shoes.
  • I will act with proper dance etiquette at all times.
  • I understand that I can be dismissed from class for misbehavior.


The vision of the Center For Performing Arts is to provide all young dancers exceptional role models in a healthy and encouraging environment. I recognize the importance of dance in the lives of young people; I pledge that I will participate in my child's dance activities in accordance with the following:
  • I will promote teamwork and sportsmanship for all dancers and spectators in a positive manner.
  • I will not question the judgment of any faculty member or choreographer.
  • I will support my child's class, teachers, and choreographers and resolve to allow the teachers to manage their dancers and choreography as they feel best benefits the entire class.
  • Because I am a role model for my child as well the other dancers, my personal conduct at the studio, performances and other studio events must be above reproach, and represent the highest standards of morality, teamwork and sportsmanship.
Therefore, I pledge that:
  • I will exhibit exemplary behavior at the studio and at performances.
  • I will at all times control my emotions and will be considerate of all dancers and parents' collective emotions.
  • I will not make disparaging remarks of any type with regard to teachers, choreographers, choreography placement, costumes, other parents, other schools or publicly criticize them in the studio or course of any event.
  • I will direct all inquiries to the the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School studio office.
  • I will encourage my child to the best of my ability at all times.
  • I will not make a judgment on my child's performance and always will be there to support them.
  • I will never make a negative comment concerning other parents or their children, whether they are from the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School or another school.
  • I will always applaud for all dancers.
  • I accept this "Code of Ethics" and agree to conduct myself according to the principles and regulations of the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School. I realize that my child or I may be removed from any dance event for failure to comply.


It is expected that all the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School members will attend all of their regularly scheduled classes. Any student with poor attendance will be missing out on classroom instruction and will quickly fall behind in their training. Classes which a student misses due to illness may be made up within one month of the missed class.

* Classes which are missed because of a dance commitment (ex: Nutcracker, or any the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School performance) which the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School endorses will not be counted against perfect attendance because the student is indeed dancing.


Costume payment is the responsibility of the parents or guardians of the dancer. All classes will each require a costume.

The average cost of a costume is between $50 and $100. Deposits of $40 for each dance discipline must be paid for in by October 30th in order for the costumes to be guaranteed to the studio by the end of April.

Costumes must be clean, wrinkle free and completely stitched before any performance in order to dance in a performance or recital.


Shoes are required for class and are necessary for practicing skills in the shoe that will be used to perform.

For performances it is important that the shoes are clean and that they fit well in order for the student to perform their best.

All shoes except point shoes are available at the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School at discounted prices compared to dance stores and must be purchased at the Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School so that all the dancers match.

Ballet students level 3-4-5 need canvass slippers and those who dance on pointe need new shoes in September and in February. Pointe shoes need to be kept in a separate plastic bag to keep them clean.