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Competition Dance Team Members Information at CPAM

you or your child have been chosen to be a member of the Center for Performing Arts Dance Studio Dance Competition Team. As a member of this elite group you will have the opportunity to participate in area performances and at regional and national competitions.

Being a team player is an important responsibility. We have prepared this special page to help you better understand your commitment.


Welcome to Center for Performing Arts Dance Studio's "Competition Dance Team Program"! Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to experience the best dance training possible. The Competition Dance Team is fun and very rewarding, but it requires your dedication to your goal of becoming the best dancer you can be!

Participants must be motivated to work hard, stay focused and always be a team player. You must have the utmost respect for all teachers and choreographers, and making attendance at all classes & rehearsals is a priority. While doing this, you must maintain good grades in school and maintain exemplary behavior at all times.

Showing up for classes and rehearsals is great, but true progress is made when you look at each and every class as another opportunity to grow and become better at what you love to do. Stretch a little further, turn out a little more, make sure every sound is totally clear and listen to every correction made: whether it is made to you or the other dancers. If you are personally corrected, it's an honor, always say "thank you". Nothing can stop a student who totally applies him or herself in every class they take.

You are the judge of your own progress. You know your strong and weak points. It is up to you to become the dancer you want to be, as teachers we can only share with you our knowledge and experience. Do not compare yourself to other students but only to your own progress. Do not ever believe that you are "too good", there is always room for improvement. Sometimes in life, the ones who struggle the most are the most successful in the end!


Michelle Michitson, Dance Studio Director
Competition Dance Team Division 2008-2009 performing at the New England Dance Festival. Dance Competition Team of the Performing Arts Dance Studio Methuen servicing Andover MA, North Andover MA, Haverhill MA, Lawrence MA, Dracut MA, Salem NH, Lowell MA, Pelham NH, Windham NH, Londonderry NH, Plaistow NH
Why Dance?
  • Dance education inspires good work habits and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Studies show that a structured dance program enhances academic achievement
  • At every age and ability, dancing is exciting and joyful
  • Balance and coordination
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Self expression
  • Respect for others
  • Determination, commitment & endurance