Dance Competition Dance Team

Competition Dance Team at CPAM

Building students' physical awareness, artistic creativity, intellectual discipline, emotional joy and social camaraderie, one dancer at a time.

The Dance Competition Experience

All of us at Center for Performing Arts Dance Studio consider participation in dance competitions to be a reflection of our dance studio's solid reputation for quality. Not simply in the way we train our students to dance, but on how we influence them as people.

It is our goal to develop a genuine respect for dance as an art form in each of our Competition Dance Team members. With the right focus, the experience can be an excellent motivator of self-confidence. If the dancers feels good about their performance and understands that they are better each time, then they are truly growing through dance competition.

Hitting that stage and doing the best they can is what it's all about, what the dancer actually wins becomes secondary. At our dance studio, we instill an appreciation for other dancers and their dance studios.

We are not out to beat anyone: we are out to motivate our kids and faculty by exposing them to a highest caliber of talented dancers available.

Only then are we going to produce the best dancers and dance teachers possible.

Students who are part of our Dance Competition Team are eligible to participate in our Assistant/Teacher Training Program, which will allow them to teach at our prestigious Center for Performing Arts Dance Studio.

For us, dance competition is dance education!