Lyrical Dance

The material for dance is air...
 The movement is breath......
 The source is love.......

Lyrical Dance History and Introduction

Lyrical dancing is a fluid style of jazz dance blending movements from European classical ballet, American modern dance and ethnic/work dance forms. The choreographic expression of the performer, with respect to content and projection, interprets the lyrics and/or quality of the music.

In Lyrical Dance Class, the quality of the movement is closely connected to the quality of the music and the interpretation of the lyrics. This dance form possesses a fluid quality, but also uses the dynamics and accents of the music to convey the emotions of the song and communicate the story to the audience. This integrated form allows for freedom of self-expression.

Lyrical Dance at our Dance Studio

Students at Level 3a and above with Ballet and Jazz training are best suited to study Lyrical.

  • Strong foundation in Ballet
  • Ability to communicate emotion to the audience
  • Refine and inner awareness of the movement
  • Develop performance skills

Lyrical dance instructors are tested to teach by the National Council of Dance Teacher's Organization of America (NDCA), Dance Master's of America, Dance Teacher's Club of Boston, have a College Degree in Dance or have Toured in professional Dance Companies.

Lyrical Dance Class Attire

Proper clothing allows for freedom of the body to move in the most unrestricted way and for the trained instructor to identify proper placement corrections. Uniformed class wear ensures the confidence of all students in a safe learning environment. Well fitting, durable and quality footwear provides the dancer's feet with protection and support.

Girls Lyrical Dance Attire: Black or pink leotards, black or pink convertible to stirrup tights, black or pink shorts, bare feet or dance paws, hair in a secure bun or pony tail.

Boys Lyrical Dance Attire: Black leggings or shorts, white t-shirt, bare feet.

Dance & Acting School Info

Female lyrical dancer doing a split on stage