Class Placement Dance, Acting & Voice

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Dance & Acting/Voice Class Placement Table

Table Abbreviations
  • AAB = American Academy of Ballet
  • NMT = National Medal Testing
  • BEG = Beginner
  • INT = Intermediate
  • ADV = Advanced
Class Placement based on Level and Age
Level Age Class Length AAB * NMT * Styles
Me & Mom 0-2 years 30 min N/A N/A Creative Movement
Pre-Dance 2-4 years 30 min N/A N/A Dance, Acro, Ballet
Intro. 1 4-5 years 45 min N/A N/A Ballet/Tap Combo
Acro 30 min
Intro. 2 5-6 years 1 hr combo N/A N/A Ballet/Jazz Combo
Tap/Hip Hop Combo
Acro 30 min
Acting/Voice Combo
Level 1 6-7 years 1 hr combo AAB 1-2 N/A Ballet/Jazz Combo
Tap/Hip Hop Combo
Acro 45 min
Acting/Voice Combo
Level 2 8-10 years 1 hr combo AAB 2-3 NMT 1st Ballet/Jazz
Tap/Hip Hop
45 min Acro
Lvl 3equals8years plus
Lvl 4equals10years plus
Lvl 5equals10years plus
Level 6
Level 7
1 hr/30min
1 hr/30min
AAB 3-4
AAB 6-7
AAB 5-6
AAB -8-10
NMT 1st
NMT 3rd
NMT 2nd
NMT 3rd
NMT 4th+
Ballet, Tap
Hip Hop

Students who complete our program graduate with a complete portfolio of American Academy of Ballet and National Dance Teachers Council of America Certifications. These are useful weather the student wishes to pursue a career in dance or teaching or simply to document the Level of training the student has achieved.

Students who partake in the NMT (National Medal Testing) are certified as teachers. Dance Competition students are eligible to participate in our Assistant/Teacher Training Program, which will allow them to teach at our prestigious Center for Performing Arts Dance Studio. This will prepare them to become a member of Dance Masters of America and Dance Teacher's Club of Boston, our affiliate clubs.

Students at Level 2 and above are strongly encouraged to be in class twice a week for the optimal progression.

Adult program specifically designed for mature students over 15 years old.

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