JAZZ Dance

Jazz Dance History and Introduction

Jazz Dance is a consummation of folk dances and latest urban trends.

A jazz class covers a series of exercises designed to strengthen and control the body, teach basic dance moves and should utilize all the dance positions relative to jazz dance using jazz music of different genres such as Broadway, Techno, Rock, Rap, Latin and much more.

Jazz is a rhythmic stylized dance conceived in America. It evolved along lines parallel to jazz music, music that swings. Jazz is a blend of European and African traditions an which the European influences contributed the elegance and African the rhythmic propulsion.

Some Classic Styles of Jazz are Jack Cole, Matt Mattox, Luigi, Gus Giordani, and Phil Black.

Some Ethnic forms of Jazz are Afro-Cuban, Latin, Tahitian, Oriental and Mid-Eastern.

Some other styles include:
  • The Blues a moody, sensuous style with blues music.
  • Broadway & Musical Theater with an up-beat style which tells a story.
  • Lyrical dance that uses line oriented balletic movements for a poetic interpretation of the music.
  • Modern Jazz from modern schools of technique blended with jazz.
  • Latin jazz style is danced in Latin rhythms to Latin music.
  • Afro jazz uses more technique that a standard African class would use.
  • Rock or Thrash is a loose style that has a creative feel for the music.
  • Also there are West Coast, Free Style, Rap and Hip-Hop.

Jazz Dance at our Dance Studio

Children's Jazz Dance training at Center for Performing Arts Dance Studio & Acting School begins at age 5.

Adult Beginner & Intermediate Jazz Dance classes for dancers, students, teachers and professionals 16+ years.

Jazz instructors are tested to teach by the National Council of Dance Teacher's Organization of America (NDCA), Dance Master's of America, Dance Teacher's Club of Boston, have a College Degree in Dance or have toured in professional Dance Companies.

Key focus areas of development:
  • Develop performance qualities, style and communicate movement
  • Develop dance technique, alignment, centering
  • Develop neuromuscular coordination
  • Enhance rhythm and musicality
  • Improve movement memory
  • Improve dance fitness, strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Develop focus, concentration and stamina to match the requirements of daily rehearsals and performances
  • Motivate and inspire love for the creative process

Jazz Dance Class Attire at our Dance School

Proper clothing allows for freedom of the body to move in the most unrestricted way and for the trained instructor to identify proper placement corrections. Uniformed class wear ensures the confidence of all students in a safe learning environment. Well fitting, durable and quality footwear provides the dancer's feet with protection and support

Girls Jazz Dance Attire: black or pink convertible or stirrup tights, black or pink leotard, bare feet or jazz shoes purchased at out dance school, hair in a neat bun or pony tail, black shorts or Center For Performing Arts Methuen (CPAM) apparel allowed

Boys Jazz Dance Attire: White fitted t-shirt, black tapered leggings or sweatpants, bare feet or jazz shoes purchased at our dance studio.

Jazz Dance at the Performing Arts Dance Studio Methuen servicing Andover MA, North Andover MA, Haverhill MA, Lawrence MA, Dracut MA, Salem NH, Lowell MA, Pelham NH, Windham NH, Londonderry NH, Plaistow NH